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Dear Senly,


Thank you so much for dropping off copies of Tanglewood Living with the article about Walter, our white lab. We were thrilled to be asked to have him in the magazine, and we have received so many wonderful comments from our neighbors. Emma did an outstanding job of contacting and interviewing us as well as writing a beautiful piece for the magazine.


Senly, I want to thank you also for the fantastic job you are doing, not only as Editor of Tanglewood Living but as a spokesperson for the neighborhood. You truly promote joy and a sense of “neighborhood” which is so important and genuinely appreciated during these trying times. Thank you!!


Merry Christmas, and enjoy the holiday season!


Warmest Regards,

Genny McIntyre (Tanglewood Resident)

Hi Senly,

We have received so many nice texts from Tanglewood friends and neighbors about the magazine article.  Residents are reading and enjoying your magazine!  


Blessings on your Memorial Weekend!


Judy C. Graham, President and Co-Founder

Celebration Women’s Ministry, Inc.

(Tanglewood Resident)

SenLy and Tanglewood Living,


Thank you for the article.  It was beautifully published.  You are a class act and we are so lucky to have you in our community.  Blessings from us.” 


-Juan Barinaga

(Tanglewood Resident)

Well that just made my day…week…month!  What an honor.


Thanks so much, I am already receiving nice emails from friends and neighbors who have seen it. Hope to see you soon.  


Sandy Lucas

(Tanglewood Resident)

 “I am so thankful for SenLy and her Tanglewood Living Magazine!  My business increased significantly and I have clients telling me how excited they are reading the stories and how talented she is.  I agreed because I love her great heart!  One thing I love about her is she is sincere and sweet and always willing to help the community.  I happily offered my cleaning services at her home.”  


Dinora Segura, Great Expectations Cleaning Services

(Community Partner)

I’ve been going non-stop since our meeting, it was a nice boost! It’s great knowing you SenLy I’m glad we’re working together! 


Maria Williams, Dream Big Parties

(Community Partner)