Have You Ever Been Curious About Those Cracks In Your Walls And What Does It Mean?

Welcome to our New, “Ask the Expert” article! At Tanglewood Living, we want to be a resource to our residents so we’ve started a monthly article where we will be interviewing and hearing from professionals among many industries and topics to educate the community with their expertise. 

This month, we are being enlightened by Cullen Dieringer on the topic of home foundations. He has been in the Foundation business for over 10 years, with a background in home restoration. Cullen is an expert in his field and we are proud to have him as our neighborhood foundation expert. Hy-Tech Foundation has been serving the Houston area for over 31 years and has a stellar reputation. 

We asked Cullen some of the most commonly asked questions when suspecting foundation issues. Here is what he has to say … 

When should you have a foundation inspection? Is my foundation under warranty? Most new home foundation warranties expire in 10 years. If you see any signs of settlement, cracks in the walls or bricks, call for an inspection before your warranty expires. If you plan to remodel, always call for an inspection before any work is done. Remodeling a home with an unlevel foundation will, in the end, cost you more money to repair. Since it can be evaluated at no cost, it makes sense to get this completed before your warranty expires.

If I see cracks in my walls or outer structure, does this mean I am experiencing foundation failure? The short answer is no. Foundations are designed to move but every house responds to movement differently. Call for a free estimate to make sure it is not a foundation failure. Hy-Tech will measure the home elevations and determine the extent of the foundation movement. 

What can cause shifting of my foundation or foundation failure, and what can I do to reduce the chances of my home experiencing foundation failure? Foundation failure is usually due to drastic changes in the condition of the soil. Water leaks and droughts cause foundations to sink and extreme wet seasons cause foundations to “heave.” When the soil has extreme conditions, it causes movement. If there is a drought, you can try to minimize the movement by using soaker hoses or other methods of hydrating the foundation. During rainy seasons, make sure there is proper drainage so water doesn’t accumulate. Keep your soil around the house consistent during weather changes. 

What types of foundations do you repair and what is your warranty? Concrete Slab, Pier and Beam and Block and Base are the three types of foundations that are most common in the Houston area. Different foundations require different repairs. Pier and Beam and Block and Base come with a one-year warranty with an additional two-year service agreement. Concrete foundations come with a lifetime transferable warranty

How long does it take to fix my foundation? It varies depending on whether only a portion is needed to be fixed or an entire slab. A whole house can take up to a couple of weeks. Most can be repaired within 3-5 days. 

Do you need any special permits or engineer’s report? Yes, anything in the Houston city limits needs a permit. Our proposed work is approved in advance by an engineer and then cleared by the engineer upon completion. We handle all of that for you. Hy-Tech Foundation knows that foundation repair is an investment in your home. They offer free estimates with a “no pressure” approach. 

For more information on Hy-Tech Foundation, visit their website HyTechFoundation.com 

Thank you, Cullen, for being the first to share your expertise with us!


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