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Have You Ever Been Curious About Those Cracks In Your Walls And What Does It Mean?

Cullen Dieringer
Hy-Tech Foundation

When should you have a foundation inspection? Is my foundation under warranty?

Most new home foundation warranties expire in 10 years. If you see any signs of settlement, cracks in the walls or bricks, call for an inspection before your warranty expires. If you plan to remodel, always call for an inspection before any work is done. Remodeling a home with an unlevel foundation will, in the end, cost you more money to repair. Since it can be evaluated at no cost, it makes sense to get this completed before your warranty expires.

Are you ready to boost your wellness to a whole new level? Reduce oxidative stress, increase energy and recover faster?

By Michelle Crevier Gerukos,
resident and community sponsor

Sponsored By BluVida Precision Health and Wellness

What Is Red Light Therapy?
Red light therapy is an advanced treatment that exposes you to red or near-infrared wavelengths to help skin, muscle and other tissues heal on a cellular level. Red light therapy is similar to infrared treatments but is part of the visible spectrum and can be seen with your eyes, while infrared light is only felt as heat or warmth by the body. Red light penetrates deeper than blue or ultraviolet light and is used to rejuvenate your appearance, reduce inflammation, improve your mood, alleviate pain or dis-comfort, and more.

Doctor’s Note:
Genomics Based Primary Care

Dr. Terry Rice, MD,
of Sydenham Clinic

What Is Genomics Based Primary Care?
Genomics evaluates your genes to ascertain your strengths or disease predisposition including how your genes interact with each other and environment. This is particularly useful in complex diseases such as cognitive decline that are influenced by an interplay of genes and environment. 

Jaw-Dropping Details about temporomandibular joint (TMJ)

Dr. Nicholas Pigneri
of Houston Dentists at Post Oak

What is TMJ disorder (TMD)?
TMJ disorders develop when problems occur with the joints connecting the jaw to the skull. These joints, known as temporo-mandibular joints (TMJ), along with the associated muscles and soft tissue, are responsible for opening and closing the mouth. TMJ joints rotate and slide, controlling the position of the lower jaw. These joints are cushioned by cartilage discs. Damage to the TMJ discs, problems with TMJ alignment, injury to the sur-rounding muscles and more can all lead to the development of temporomandibular joint disorders (TMD).

2021 Has the Best of Us Sagging

Kathi Jones
of Persona Medical Spa

What causes loose skin?
This can be a variety of factors
– sometimes, the skin has been stretched to accommodate a baby or extra weight, and then the person either loses weight or delivers a baby, and the skin just doesn’t “snap back” as we want it to. Other times, the aging process causes deterioration of collagen and elastin under the skin, resulting in sagginess. This can be on any part of the body, but we most often notice it on our bellies and faces.

What About Pilates?

Sandy Uffelman, Certified Pilates Instructor and Owner of Club Pilates Tanglewood

What are the benefits of Pilates?

Pilates offers improved posture, flexibility, core strength, as well as whole-body strength through a variety of resistance and balance-oriented exercises. Pilates tones and builds lean muscle. Because Pilates is low impact, it is naturally easy on the ankles, knees, and hips.

Get a Dose of Positive Energy. Jumpstart Your Detox with Vitamin IV Therapy Plus Ozone Therapy

By Michelle Crevier Gerukos,
resident and community sponsor

Sponsored By BluVida Precision Health and Wellness

What Are Ozone and UBI (Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation)?

It starts with ozone (O3), which is oxygen, but different than the oxygen molecules we breathe. Ozone is a powerful sterilizer and can be used to destroy pathogens like bacteria, viruses, and more it will attach itself to any heavy metals in your body allowing you to detox them out of the body.

Ultraviolet blood irradiation (UBI) exposes blood to ultraviolet rays to stimulate white blood cells and the immune system. 

CBD, Is it for me?

Dr. Nik Jasani of
Wellness Biosciences RX

Why would I consider using CBD?

CBD can be used as a wellness based product for mild issues with stress, sleeplessness, mild aches and pains, it can be implemented in a step wise fashion before moving to traditional medications which can be utilized as the next step. Due to the minimal side effect profile and the interactions with our own endocannabinoid system these compounds can be utilized in a thoughtful way for mild ailments before moving to traditional medications.

Highlighting Men's Health:
How do I know if I have low testosterone?

Submitted by Michelle Crevier Gerukos,
Tanglewood Resident and community sponsor
Written by Oran Hartwell, Physician Assistant Sponsored By BluVida Precision Health and Wellness

The short answer is with a simple blood test from which we can determine your Testosterone level, precisely. A common conversation involves dis-cussing the symptoms frequently experienced when your “T level” is discovered to be sub-optimal. These symptoms include lack of energy, fatigue, moodiness, poor motivation, brain fog, reduced muscle mass, and low libido.
The causes of low testosterone are not all fully understood but contributors include age, stress, and lifestyle factors. For many men, low testosterone can cause a decreased quality of life.

Let’s Shine Some Light On Diamond Education

Written by Danny Shaftel, Communty Sponsor and Diamond Expert

Shaftel Diamonds

Want to take some of the mystery out of buying diamonds? We’ll give you the highlights and explain the terminology. You don’t need to be a gemologist to follow along and we think you’ll enjoy the process when learning about diamonds. We’ll keep it simple, provide a little diamond education and offer some helpful tips and basic facts. And remember, a jeweler you trust will be the most important factor in helping you make your choice.
That said, diamonds are fascinating, and buying one should be exciting and fun. So let’s start at the beginning.

All About Pearls

Written by Danny Shaftel, Communty Sponsor and Diamond Expert

Shaftel Diamonds

Pearls are traditional and au courant, classic and fashion-for-ward, retro and right on-trend. Basically, pearls are impossible to resist whatever your age, taste, style, and attitude. All pearls have two things in common. They are all naturally iridescent gemstones, composed primarily of calcium carbonate. And they are all grown inside oysters and other shelled mollusks, made of the same material that can be found on the inner lining of the shells. Beyond that, each kind of pearl is wonderfully unique.

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